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#TheDigitalLife + #OldFashionFiction.

At this moment in time, we are a population of people, particularly for this current generation, that are gifted for choice when it comes to technology and the infinite number of resources at our disposal. For the first time in history there is an archive of knowledge that can be extracted worldwide and placed before us at the click of a button. Especially when it comes to books and works from long deceased authors and artists, we are able to have access to these.

Maybe once thought lost to us for the isolated way the world works, we can now see and hear and interact with almost anything invented, either it is download legally or illegally. Many people I know, almost all, have at one time downloaded an album, a book, a movie, or likewise. They have been able to brag, and be inspired by this and it has uplifted their life if only momentarily. What is the repercussion? Nothing. I mean if you want to be correct, you can argue till your face is blue that it is ripping off from honest people and is illegal, but if not for these avenues, bands may not have been discovered, music remained virtually untouched, and those rarities?  They are even more rare to find out in the real world.

For as much as technology has benefited us, for all that it does, it takes the value from commodities. Every book you rip off the net, its value is lowered, because that knowledge is judged and understood by the people that buy the book, devote time to find or go get that book; and its monetary value of course too. Say for example Harry Potter. Harry Potter caused pandemonium in book shops because of the thousands of kids and people racing to get the new book off the press, and the waiting list to finally get the book for those less fortunate shows you what I mean. How killed Dumbledore? Do Ron and Hermione get together? What happens to Harry?! Only those that have read the book will know. And for those that hadn’t, it was a squeamish time avoiding all spoilers. It still is for a new breed of readers that are reading this series.

Nowadays this book can be downloaded and easily bought using a credit card or Paypal. For a book store this kind of event puts faith back into the physical book as a commodity but this has been ruined by the Kindle and like devices. And as Borders and other book chains close, the end of the physical product is coming, Or is it? I, for one, love the way a preloved book and loved book feels, smells (not always) and looks. It has history, life experience and a process to where it is now. A digital copy is static, it doesn’t age or differ, and is simply what it is. Owning a book is much more. It is a conscience choice in your self to invest into this book, to pay to have its story a part of you, and for that, even if it is bad, it is yours. Why I value this process so much is having people take their time to sell a book to me, to convey their relationship to this book to me, this piece of art, and make me want to connect to it as well.

I would really like a Kindle, don’t get me wrong, but the least I would do is to buy the book, not simply as always download it for free. However in places like Australia these resources are not adequate enough to support this, and it is the only way to access these books, if not to buy them at the shops. I may just as easily buy it from Ebay, but more than often I have to buy from UK or US to get the most reasonable price. Having to pay $30 for a book seems to me excessive, when looking at how much you can buy it on Amazon, but that’s for another days. All I want to say is that once a book was bought from the corner shop for a dime, and now that same book costs $20, go figure.




#TheKathleenMisery + #SocialNetworkMayhem.



All the time every time Kathleen (a friend of mine) manages to tag us at the Unibar at the University of Wollongong, without fail…till today.

A plan too devious and smart that it had to be done.


1. Find your phone, iPAD, macbook, laptop

2. Sign into Facebook.

3. Tag you and your friends before her and add the Check-In (this is essential).

4. Watch as the misery and laughter ensues, with Kathleen shouting out “Oh hell”, “No!”, “Dammit”.

5. Repeat (Many more times again for shits and giggles).




Why is it that social networking is made to be such a key part to the life of the social commentator, whether it be a reporter, a journalist, a writer or an artist.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Weebly and even WordPress are amounting a massive audience and causing immediate stirs across the globe. But why? Isn’t that the question we should be asking. I myself am not nearly as good with social media than I should be. Maybe I’m that little bit green. Or I do not see its potential and purpose as many others do.

Twitter has a market to be an immediate trend setter and get news up there on demand almost breaking just after it happens. For us today the trends are mostly Olympics, or even those revolving around the most talked about local news and breaking events.

The Colorado shooting hit the news within minutes after it happened as a result of twitter, and people began to see the magnitude as well as the effect this had on the people, the nation, and internationally. Frantic tweets turned the shooting into a international trend and we began to see a running stream of voices emerging that we all heard. It has even two weeks on held a presence as the trial closes, and the stories of all those affected and inflicted upon by James Holme are made known in the press and media.

For Facebook it has been more a place to speak about banal topics and issues, however, as Triple J host  ‘Lindsay The Doctor’ McDougall learnt, it is a place for public scrutiny. Twitter has shown this happening, as others like Tumblr have too, but Facebook is more universally used and recognised, its a network almost all can navigate and understand.

As we see more web networking and social network sites pop up, what can we gain from them. For most, they are a fine line between vehicles for knowledge and education, and on the other hand, a place for any hack or critic to voice an opinion without any repercussion and reaction. Feeding into this is the future of newspapers and news media, and whether it will remain as a proper and sophisticated form of storytelling and informing. Anyone these days can start a blog, ‘educate’ an audience with their opinions and views on almost all matters.

Here is hoping that at least common sense will prevail and that news writing, as it has been, can be civil and upstanding when all physical media is deconstructed, for without a standard in writing and in cultural expression, would we not be letting ourselves be ruined by letting in unintelligent thought and processes of the world, instead of working towards a more respectable society than the one we live in already.